Collecting my photos. I will not say I´m the best photographer in the world. I think all geekyness around cameras is fucked up. I will call my photos socialrealistic. I like to document what´s happening around my nose, head, whatevah! My photos has been on exhibition @ Obvious Life (Syktyvkar), Russia, 2011. The Photobook about Sweden, 2009. For contact Peace!

Funny animals

2011- A year to remembaaah!



Vi spelade in Mimi Terris med Gentlemen & Gangsters framför Pommern i Mariehamn.

Älvsjö in rain

Älvsjö in rain

Windjammers Ball

I was in Argentina 2006 living there with an organisation called CTD Anibal Veron. Me and my classmates at that time also took an trip to Uruguay.

Murmansk, Russia was there at the day when they celebrated the end of WW2.


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